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A little bit about us


Specializing in the design and engineering of low-velocity, dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems for all bulk materials in industry. We understand how to handle materials that are fragile, abrasive, moist, lumpy or hot; and many more that cannot be handled efficiently by dilute-phase systems or cleanly by mechanical type systems.

We also design and manufacture pressure valves - including the Dome Valve capable of operating in harsh and abrasive environments; pressure vessels to many world-wide standards; and shot blast systems featuring media recovery. We have over 35 years of experience with tens of thousands of installations in all types of process industries worldwide.

What's unique about our equipment, though?

We provide simply the most environmentally responsible and energy efficient pneumatic conveying solution in industry.

Learn just how economical your process could be with a quality pneumatic conveying system from Macawber.

Primary Company Locations

We have 4 primary company locations for manufacturing world-wide. Our international headquarters is located in the U.S. We have additional manufacturing in the United Kingdom, China and India.

United States
Macawber Engineering Inc.

United Kingdom
Mactenn Systems

Macawber China Ltd.

Macawber India Pvt. Ltd.


Additionally we have licensees who are approved to manufacture with our name. Our licensees go through extensive training both at our company engineering headquarters and also at their location to ensure the quality standard of Macawber is maintained. We have full manufacturing licensees in Brazil, Canada and Australia.


To assist further and more deeply penetrate markets we have a worldwide network of well trained and qualified representatives. Our representatives understand local conditions and seek out opportunities based on that. We hold regular training sessions both at our locations and out at individual representative locations to maintain the quality representation we require. Each of our reps take part in a 2 day training session so that their understanding of our product and where it fits with the customer needs is managed professionally and to the standard we require.

A Little Company History

The company was started in the United Kingdom under the Macawber name in Doncaster, Yorkshire in 1973. In 1976 Macawber expanded to the United States with the establishment of Macawber Engineering Inc. located just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee.

In 1984 the UK company was sold and the Knoxville location became the international headquarters for Macawber. Today we are back in the UK representing Macawber with our sister company Mactenn Systems located in Suffolk. The head engineering office is located in the UK, with both the US and UK operations having full manufacturing and project management capabilities.

In 1995 Macawber Engineering expanded to India with the founding of a joint venture named Macawber India Pvt. Ltd. Dedicated completely to the business of Macawber pneumatic conveying systems and pressure vessels and valves, Macawber India has become a strong member of our international family and has opened markets throughout central asia for the Macawber Group.

In 2004 Macawber Engineering expanded to China with the establishment of Macawber China, a wholy owned foreign enterprise (WOFE). Macawber China has grown rapidly, as would be expected in a market like China. From humble beginnings of just 4, to over 18 employees today (not including our contract manufacturer); Macawber China holds high hopes for becoming one of the flagship entities of the Macawber Group of companies.

Today, Macawber Group (as we fondly refer to ourselves) is a tight knit company with a family feel and an international flare. A small to mid-size company run by a group of individuals who bring professionalism, energy and the ability to think outside the box and adapt to new situations and international business with confidence and class.

Company Accreditation and Certificates

Macawber has continually striven to meet ethical and professional standards that are above and beyond the call of duty. From the beginning with our roots strongly identified with British culture, we have believed that despite all the challenges of day-to-day business, all the hurdles to cross and sometimes setbacks, there is the continual professional standard that we must uphold and carry through to the finish. We bring this culture from our homes and our personal lives into the office every day with us, and we extend it to each of our customers. We're known for it, and we're proud of it.

Below are some of the certificates we have worked hard to achieve.

iso 9001:2008hartford boiler asme certificate

u certificateasme

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