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Biomass is gaining broad understanding and interest every day as a way to further diversify our energy resources and possibly move away from foreign oil to a more balanced energy industry.

We believe in biomass in this regard, have invested in R&D and won several contracts moving biomass as either fuel or combustion by-products to prove it. Our experience in this area is growing all the time. This has taken us from Indonesia moving rice hulls to Mexico moving brewers grain, to moving incinerator biomass ash in the UK; we are uniquely qualified to grow with this industry.

Macawber Mactenn Biomass Pneumatic Conveying


Biomass conveying can involve moving the unspent biomass as a fuel to the combustion facility or it can refer to handling ash from the biomass combustion. And uniquely involves many types of materials; from wood, to waste, to grains and grain products. Even in sectors that do not simply burn the biomass material, there are needs to economically and cleanly move these materials around your process. We have spurred interest with ethanol producers, algae farms and more with our experience in this field.

It really matches the green image that most who are involved in biomass are proud to identify with. We match your green process with the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible material handling systems. It is a win-win because you invariably will require some material handling within your process. It is a logical match.


Macawber Mactenn biomass pneumatic conveying

Grain products, wood chips...

Macawber Mactenn biomass pneumatic conveying

Macawber Mactenn biomass pneumatic conveying

... municiple waste and more.


We have experience in many different types of plants. We can work with you from the beginning during the design end of your project. Contact us to begin a mutually beneficial process.


Macawber Mactenn Biomass pneumatic conveying Macawber Mactenn Biomass pneumatic conveying


Macawber Mactenn Biomass pneumatic conveying We work with universities and institutions in partnership to expand not just the general knowledge of how to improve the application of biomass technologies, but to also develop new ways of tying our technology and conveying techniques to developing methods of biomass applications.


Take a closer look at our product line for more information, or contact us.