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Printable Case Studies

MEI Case Study - Ace Hardware - Titanium Dioxide
MEI Case Study - Blue Circle - Portland Cement
MEI Case Study - Blue Circle/Boral Cement - Macpump
MEI Case Study - Cali FBC - Make-Up Bed Sand
MEI Case Study - Charlotte Pipe - Silica Sand
MEI Case Study - Grupo Modelo - Biomass Fly Ash
MEI Case Study - Infinity - Chromite Sand
MEI Case Study - McClanahan - Foundry Sand
MEI Case Study - PowerGen - Pulverized Fuel Ash
MEI Case Study - Poyry Energy - Grnd Rice Hulls
MEI Case Study - Poyry Energy II - Grnd Rice Hulls ASH
MEI-PDL Case Study - Holcim - Cement Kiln Dust
MC Case Study - SES - Gasifier Pressure Letdown
MC Case Study - Liaocheng Copper - Copper Concentrate
MC Case Study - BSI Korea - Coal
MC Case Study - BNBM Co - Gypsum
MC Case Study - Beijing Steel - Smelt Dust
MEI Installation Bulletin - Fail Safe Closed Valves
MEI Installation Bulletin - Valves for Cement Plant
MEI Installation Bulletin - Sand in Foundry Conveyor
MEI Installation Bulletin - Black Beauty Conveyor
MEI Installation Bulletin - Economizer Ash Conveyor



Printable Brochures

Dome Valve Brochure
Ash Handling Brochure

Cement Handling Brochure

Macblast Shot Blast Recovery Recycle Reuse (SBR3 System)

Older Printable Brochures

Denseveyor Brochure

Corporate Brochure

Other Printable Materials

Product Range vs. Regime Graphic, High Resolution, Low Resolution
Macawber News

Selected Technical Materails

1-5-1 Terminal Box
1-2 Dump Valve
1-3-3 DV Type Switch Valve
1-8-1 R2 Bend Fittings

Representative Pneusletter. Its the PNEUS!

2010 1 July Pneusletter


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