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Product Line - Pneumatic Conveying

Dome Valve

Extreme open-close valve for use in harsh abrasive environments. Provides open-close and pressurize capability time and time again, operating where other valves simply fail.

We are the ORIGINAL PATENT HOLDERS of the Dome Valve. Our founders designed this valve in the 1970's and have proved the design through extensive R&D and testing. Today the valve sees service in the harshest of environments all over the world. Our happy customers count in the tens of thousands. And the innovation doesn't stop today with the offering of the DVII edition - the most advanced Dome Valve on the market.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying and Material Handling


The utility, low-velocity, dense-phase pneumatic conveying transporter.  Capable of transporting tens of thousands of different materials with ease using compressed air and a Dome Valve.

Our first and most widely used low-velocity, dense-phase machine has been in service and innovated upon since the mid 1970's. Today we build Denseveyor's in sizes ranging from just 4ft3 to over 100ft3. With innovative advances continually being engineered, each Denseveyor is custom to the requirements of you and provided with an unmatched industry guarantee.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling


The ash conveying solution for your ESP and baghouse ash handling needs.  Short machine size is ideal for low-headroom applications. Designed to operate as a multiple-vessel system on one conveying line.

A brilliant innovation in the field of ash handling with special focus on ESP and baghouse ash handling. We achieve the most economical ash handling system by tieing multiple vessels on just one conveying pipeline. This is unique to industry and has proved incredibly effective - even with ash at high temperatures.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling


The simplest, most reliable sand conveying solution in industry. Period.

Handling sand is the gold standard by which the engineering of dense phase conveying was built on. In the extensive history of R&D, a unique design for conveying sand came about leading to an even more efficient operation. For cases where only sand is required to be moved, the Sandpump outperforms all the competition - our reference list of tens of thousands of customers proves this.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling


Our Denseveyor, just converted especially for cement applications.  Replaces your Fuller-Kinyon maintenance nightmare.

A Cement conveying has typically been a dirty and inefficient process through the use and misuse of screw pumps and rotary valves. This is no longer required with Macawber systems. We eliminate the need for screw pumps and the high energy requirements and maintenance they require.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling


Our Denseveyor, just converted to ultra low tonnage requirements.  Short and simple cast vessel saves you money.

A Operating on the exact same principles as its larger cousin, the 'Mini' achieves the low-velocity, dense-phase conveying with low-tonnage customers. This machine is made from a single piece casting, leading to ultra low cost and virtually indestructible construction.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling


Need to move materail a long distance?  Still want the advantages of dense-phase?  Try Variflo.

Specifically developed to meet long-distance conveying requirements, the Variflo mixes the best of the Denseveyor with the unique conveying needs encountered when moving material over long distances, typically over 500m.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling


Need to move a high tonnage rate long distances?  Still want the advantages of dense-phase?  Try Macpump.

Similar to the Variflo, the Macpump was designed for long distance conveying, but was adapted to high tonnage rate requirements.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling


Dense-phase pneumatic conveying adapted to controlled injection applications.  Controlveyor will control the amount of material arriving at your process injection point.

Designed to meet your process injection requirements. The Controlveyor is capable of handling process varying back pressure to maintain an injection accuracy of 3% using a unique pressure balancing process. The Controlveyor has been successfully sold to many sophisticated customers throughout the world.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling


When you find your difficult to handle material tends to stick inside your feed hoppers - airlift will shock it loose.

Flow aid devices like our Airliftare designed improve the performance of pneumatic conveying systems by ensuring the quick and smooth filling of the conveying vessel. The pneumatic conveying system cannot work optimally unless material is available for transfer, and the Airlift is designed to help achieve this. Not all systems require flow aids, Macawber experts know when and where to apply the technology.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling

Switch Valves

Your pneumatic conveying system needs to be adaptable to your complex process plant. Sometimes you need material at point A, and sometimes you need material at point B.  Our switch valves help build in that versatility.

Many pneumatic conveying systems are not simply moving a material from point A to point B. Many have either more than one conveying route, or more than one reception point. Macawber has addressed this by developing robust switching valves and reception point selection valves.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling

Ancillary Equipment

Macawber can support your TOTAL inquiry with ancillary engineered to match your material handling requirements.  From filters, to silos, to hoppers, to pipe, to advanced control systems; Macawber can handle your total package requirements.

Always required to finish out a proper pneumatic conveying system, Macawber can supply the best equipment tested and matched to our equipment specifically. Ancillary equipment selected and supplied by Macawber is approved only after our own internal engineering standards are met.

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying Material Handling