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Make your blasting process more efficient.
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Shot Blasting is now more efficient and economical due to the unique recovery system Macawber has developed.

Proven packaged system for less-loss recovery of shot blast material. With renovation of media and automatic removal of any waste. And complete system control from one local Nema 4 panel. Provides total system display for safe operator control.

shot blast recovery macblast

macblast shot blast recovery
  • Fully auto total media handling to recover spent media providing return conveyors to a central spent material pick up point.
  • Addition of complete blast rooms with rubber walls and special floors to prevent wear and provide operator safety
  • Very high recovery rates up to 20tons/hour and higher
  • Fully automatic operation, system only operates on demand
  • Very flexible process layout with handling distances to 150m (500ft)

Macawber is an ISO 9001 turnkey supplier of process systems with complete in-house manufacturing, engineering and contract management capability. Customer service is a vital part of our business.


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Key Features:

Recovery media material velocity is low to prevent further media loss.

Media handling via dense phase conveying avoids any further wear to blast media and provides much longer life to blasting media for multiple use, time and time again.

Competitors use noisy, high velocity handling and cyclone filters for media separation, resulting in further media damage; up to twice the degradation for blasting and recovery.

On-demand operation saves power, even while blasting.


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